Transform Your Body in just 4 Weeks with These 5 Simple Exercises

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Nowadays, more and more people are taking care about their overall health, not just by leading a healthy diet, but by being physically active and exercising on a regular basis. To achieve this, some opt for gym memberships, others for expensive workout equipment to exercise at home, whereas some turn to supplements.

However, you can still maintain an excellent body figure without spending too much money on the abovementioned methods by doing these 5 beneficial exercises.

The Top 5 Exercises for an ‘Insane’ Body

While doing the exercises, make sure you follow a healthy diet and you will notice a significant improvement within 30 days or so. You will finally have the body you have always dreamed of!


In a push-up position on the floor, bend the elbows at 90 degrees. The body needs to be in a straight line and supported with the forefeet, forearms, and elbows. Maintain the pose for as long as you can. The buttocks and waist need to be static.


While in plank position, push the body with the help of the hands. The back, buttocks, and legs need to be in a straight line.  Do a few repetitions.


Squatting makes the core stronger, but the calves, hams, and quads too and it also encourages the burning of fat. In a squat position, stretch the arms forward and start doing the exercise slowly. Your face need to be faced forward and the spine kept in a straight line. Go as low as you can. The hips can be parallel with the ground, but if you cannot achieve this, do not force yourself.

Bird dog

While in a position for a plank, support the body on the hands and knees and start stretching one leg and one arm from opposite sides. The body needs to be straight; maintain the position for a couple of seconds and then do the same with the other leg and arm.

Lying hip raises

This is the ideal exercise for the thighs, back, abs, and glute muscle. To begin, lie on the floor and bend the knees while the feet are on the floor. Next, stretch the arms to the outside at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze the glute muscles and elevate the hips. Do a couple of repetitions.

4-Week Workout Plan

First workout

  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute;
  • Squats – 2 minutes;
  • Bird-dog – 1 minute;
  • Lying hip raises – 1 minute;
  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute;
  • Squats – 2 minutes

Remember to make 10-second breaks in between the exercises.

Second workout

  • Plank – 3 minutes;
  • Bird-dog – 3 minutes;
  • Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute

Remember to pause for 15 seconds in between the exercises.

1st Week

  • 1stDay – 1stWorkout
  • 2ndDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 3rdDay – 1stWorkout
  • 4thDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 5thDay – 1stWorkout
  • 6thDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 7thDay – rest

2nd Week

  • 1stDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 2ndDay – 1stWorkout
  • 3rdDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 4thDay – 1stWorkout
  • 5thDay – 2ndWorkout
  • 6thDay – 1stWorkout
  • 7thDay – rest

When you are done with the second week, start from the beginning again.



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