They Told You That Drinking Warm Water with Lemon Was Good, but They Did Not Tell You This

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Consuming lemon juice prior to breakfast has a lot of benefits, especially when mixed with warm water because it hydrates the whole body and triggers the removal of dangerous toxins. This is because lemons are rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B, and C, as well as pectins, proteins, and carbs. What’s more, lemon juice is rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties that will maintain your health and immunity at an optimal level.

How to Make Warm Lemon Water

You will need:

One glass of purified water

Juice from ½ a lemon

A tsp of organic honey

Preparation: Mix the lemon juice and the warm water and stir it well. Add the honey if you want a sweeter taste. Enjoy!

10 Benefits of Warm Lemon Water

  • Betters the digestion

Lemon has the ability to trigger the production of bile which is needed for a proper digestion. Daily intake of lemon will be of great aid in helping the body eliminate waste.

  • Encourages weight loss

The pectins in lemons will fight off cravings and reduce overeating and thus, stimulate weight loss. Warm lemon water is known to elevate the alkalinity in the body, which is also vital for a successful weight loss.

  • Betters the quality of the skin

Warm lemon water on a regular basis will cleanse the blood and encourage the formation of new blood cells, which will in turn improve the quality of the skin.

  • Strengthens the immunity

Warm lemon water increases the assimilation of iron that makes the immune system stronger; the vitamin C from lemon juice will help you treat colds and flu efficiently.

  • Prevents halitosis

When you consume lemon regularly, you will successfully avert bad breath because lemon juice purifies the mouth cavity and contributes to production of more saliva that will destroy the bacteria causing the bad breath.

  • Regulates the pH of the body

Warm lemon water is a beverage that will help you regulate the pH of the body, which is pivotal for your overall health. Namely, imbalance in the pH can elevate the acidity in the body and cause inflammation.

  • Elevates the energy levels

The proteins, phosphorus, and vitamins B and C in lemon juice will help you feel more energetic and in the same time, they will cleanse and moisturize the whole body.

  • Treats throat infections

Lemons have antibacterial characteristics which are powerful against infections, like throat infections and tonsillitis. A glass of warm lemon water prior to breakfast will also lower the chance of throat infections in the future.

  • Regulates the blood pressure

Lemon juice is so potent that it can detoxify the lymphatic system and hydrate it properly. Moreover, the potassium they contain will improve your quality of sleep; minimize stress, and better the mental functioning, which will keep the blood pressure stabile.

  • Purifies the urinary tract

Water and lemon have diuretic properties that will detox the urinary tract and encourage the urine production and balance the pH levels that will lower the formation of bad bacteria.



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