Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice as Much as Children

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According to history, women are more involved and influental in the life of children than fathers. This stems from the ancestral period when men were usually absent because they needed to hunt for prey whereas women were the ones who stayed back and took care of their children and prepared food.

Nowadays, it was not until few years back that women were given the right to work and start earning same as men. Namely, if you ask your grandmother or grand-grandmother, you will probably learn that their husbands were the ones who went to work whereas they were housewives and did not have jobs.

The Role of Mothers in Parenthood

When it comes to parenting, which is never easy, mothers have a natural ‘gift’ which is developed through experience. Becoming a mother is a demanding responsibility and it requires full dedication from the moment a woman decides to become a mother. Parents will certainly agree that one of the most difficult tasks of parenting is facing the child’s different stages of growth, all of which carry their own weight. But, with enough effort and love mothers manage to pull this through. But, what about fathers and their contribution to the parenting process?

Lack of Support

When there are both parents involved in the raising of children, both of them need to participate; however, there are a lot of cases in which this burden is carried by the mother only. Believe it or not, studies and surveys point out that husbands can stress wives more than their children and 45% of the interviewed mommies shared the same opinion. Having a life- time partner means that both spouses are building a future together and the only thing women ask from their husbands is to contribute to their shared goal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and women end up stressed due to lack of support from their parents.

According to men, the problem is in the fact that women do not ask for help because they assume that they can solve all problems that occur in the process of raising children. To conclude, there is definitely a need of solid and stable communication between both parents in order to adress all minor and major misunderstandings and thus, lower stress to a minimum.



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