How Many Steps per Day Can Help You Lose Weight

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To trigger a healthy loss of surplus weight, you need to change some bad habits and walk on a more regular basis. In order to achieve a balanced weight, you need to know how many steps per day are necessary. The burning of calories depends on two factors, that is, the weight and the walking area.

Some Important Numbers

  • If you walk for 60 minutes with a speed of 4 miles, the body will burn around 400 calories
  • To burn 100 calories, you will need 2000 steps or 1 mile of walking, i.e. to get rid of a pound of weight, you have to burn 3500 calories
  • Losing one pound per week is the best way to avert the yo-yo effect
  • You need to burn 500 calories on a daily basis, that is, walk 5 miles per day

How to Walk More

  • Do not use the bus; walk from home to work and vice versa
  • Avoid using the elevator and opt for the stairs
  • When possible, walk your children or grandchildren to school
  • When you use the car, park it a bit farther from your destination and walk from the car to the place where you need to be

How Often Should You Walk to Get Rid of Surplus Pounds

The first three days, walk for 20 minutes. Afterwards, walk for half an hour or one hour. In a short amount of time, walking will become your routine and you will lose weight without knowing!



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