Soak Your Feet in Vinegar once a Week and You Will See How all Your Diseases Disappear

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Besides a specific aroma, apple cider vinegar contains biologically-active substances that have the capacity to remove bad bacteria and germs that may damage our health. With certainty, raw, organic apple cider vinegar can have amazing benefits for your feet if you soak them in it on a weekly basis.

Treating Calluses with ACV

A lot of people experience different feet issues like hard skin, calluses, fungal infections, bacterial infections, etc. Hence, if you want to get rid of calluses, soak the feet in a mixture from equal parts of warm water (15 to 18 degrees) and apple cider vinegar for 45 minutes. You can also add several drops of some essential oil to enhance the healing. Afterwards, with the help of a pumice stone, rub the feet to eliminate the dead skin. When you are done, apply a quality foot cream. For optimal effect, repeat the treatment once per week.

Additional Uses of ACV

  • It can be highly beneficial in removing dandruff
  • It has the power to bring relief from sore throat
  • It can put an end to foul odors in your home and from shoes
  • It can encourage a healthy weight loss
  • It can be effective in solving respiratory and digestive issues



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