How to Remove all Belly Fat in One Night with This ‘Emergency Diet’

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Getting excess belly fat is easy; what is problematic is how to get rid of it…

Eliminating surplus fat from other body parts is much easier, but removing it from the abdominal area requires a lot of dedication, proper diet, regular workout, and drinking sufficient amounts of water. In addition, you can try this powerful one-day diet we prepared for you. It will trigger burning of fat by cleansing the whole organism. It is known as the ‘emergency diet’.

The Emergency Diet

8 am: drink a glass of water mixed with lemon juice

10 am: drink a glass of water mixed with apple or orange juice

12 am: drink a cup of green tea

1 pm: drink a glass of cold water mixed with carrot juice

3 pm: drink a cup of some tea

5 pm: drink a fresh juice of your choosing

7 pm: drink a cup of green tea

9 pm: drink a glass of water mixed with fresh grapefruit juice

10 pm:drink the same beverage you had for the beginning of the day

Important to note:

  • Do not add artificial sweeteners or other ingredients to the teas and juices
  • You will have flat abdominal area within 24 hours because all toxins will be expelled from your body and you will be supplied with more energy
  • One-day diets like this one are highly beneficial because they give the digestive system a chance to repair itself and heal; this diet will purify your mind and avert health problems
  • This diet is exceptional in strengthening your immunity and reducing the negative effects of aging



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