Reduce Cholesterol Levels and Acidity and Treat Stomach Issues with One Glass of This Drink

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Believe it or not, cumin, a well-known spice, is not just an amazing way to add more flavor to different meals, but a natural remedy as well because of its powerful medicinal properties. When it comes to natural cures with cumin, cumin water is considered to be the most beneficial one as it can treat a variety of health issues. Cumin is rich in copper, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

How to Make Cumin Water

You will need:

A glass of water

2 spoons of cumin

Preparation: Put the cumin into a glass of water and leave it to soak overnight. The next morning, boil the content and then strain it into a cup.

Use: Drink the strained mixture when it cools down.

The Benefits of Cumin Water

Encourages weight loss and reduces the levels of bad cholesterol

When you consume it on a regular basis, this remedy will significantly lower the levels of bad cholesterol and trigger a healthy weight loss and prevent heart disease.

Treats headaches, stomach ache, and low levels of hemoglobin

Since it contains iron, cumin water is known to elevate the hemoglobin in the blood and better the blood count. Cumin water is also highly recommendable cure for headaches and pain in the stomach.

Reduces acidity and improves the blood flow

Cumin water is amazing when it comes to soothing stomach inflammation and cleansing the whole body. By doing this, it will decrease the acidity in the body and also better the blood circulation.

Flatulence and other Digestive Problems

Unfortunately, a great part of the population experiences bloating, flatulence, gases, etc. after eating which can be really uncomfortable. This could be a result of eating specific foods or some health problems that have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. You can try out these remedies to treat these issues:

  • Chew several fresh basil leaves in the morning before breakfast to lower flatulence
  • You can consume fennel seeds to lower bloating as they have antimicrobial characteristics
  • Grind some fresh peppermint leaves and mix them with a bit of sugar and consume the mixture to alleviate bloating



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