The Plank Challenge Will Tighten Your Belly in only 1 Month

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If you also have a problem with surplus belly fat like a large part of the population, you should definitely continue reading this article. Namely, one exercise, known as plank, has the capacity to help you put an end to this issue and shape the abdominal area. Planks are known to encourage the use of all bodily muscles, but the focus is mostly on the upper torso. The results will leave you speechless.

21-Plank Challenge

Week no.1

During these 7 days, you need to hold the plank pose for half a minute and then increase the duration to one minute.

Week no. 2

During this period, you need to elevate the duration to minute and a half.

Week no. 3

At the last week of the challenge, you need to hold the plank for two and a half minute.

Good luck!



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