This Is the Best Natural Remedy against Sore Throat and Tonsillitis. It Will Help You in only 4 Hours!

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Sore throat  or tonsillitis is one of the most common health problems, especially during winter. This is usually a consequence of colds and the flu. Sore throat or tonsillitis is conventionally treated with meds and syrups to solve this issue, however, there are cases when this does not help and you need to look for another cure.

How to Cure Tonsillitis Fast

This natural and homemade cure has been present for centuries and it has the power to alleviate the pain and discomfort in the throat in less than 4 hours.

The Recipe

You will need:

A tbsp of cognac

200 ml of water

80 grams of cumin seeds, ground

Preparation: Pour the water in a pot and bring it to boil and then add the cumin and cook them for 15 minutes. When the liquid thickens, remove it from the heat and strain it. Then, add 50 ml of water and bring it back to the stove to simmer for 3 minutes more before you remove it from the heat and add the cognac.


Take one tbsp every half hour for 4 hours. The pain will begin to lower after 2 hours. For more severe tonsillitis, take the remedy until you feel better.



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