How Many Cloves of Garlic Should You Eat to Regulate the Blood Pressure?

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With certainty, garlic is one of the most well-known and potent veggies that is commonly used throughout different cuisines in the world. What’s more, this vegetable has one-of-a-kind healing properties and a lot of them are scientifically backed up. One of its most popular uses as a natural cure is for the reduction of the bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. However, it has so many other advantages that many of you may do not know…

Why Is Garlic so Powerful?

Most of its characteristics stem from its active compound known as allicin, which is also found in onions. Allicin is amazing for the blood vessels because it increases their flexibility and cleanses the accumulated plaque, which is often the main cause of heart attacks and strokes. However, garlic is best when consumed raw because cooking is known to destroy most of the allicin present.

How to Consume Garlic Properly?

Chop or crush couple of garlic cloves and leave them like that for 15 minutes in order for the allicin to be activated. Then, you can consume it on its own or add it to meals. Garlic can also be found in powder or tablet form, but, they are not as beneficial as the raw variant.

How Much Garlic Do We Need?

A gram of garlic per day is sufficient for people suffering from hypertension; make sure you consult your physician for the adequate dosage for you. To maintain the optimal functioning of the cardiovascular system, you should eat 10 cloves on a daily basis. Since this veggie can interfere with specific meds and elevate the risk of side effects, consult your physician prior to starting a daily intake of garlic.



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