How to Know If We Are Having a Stroke? This Information Can Save Your Life

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According to recent statistics, approximately 785,000 people die on a yearly basis in the U.S. as a result of stroke. This makes it the 3rd most common reason for death in this country.

To notice it timely and increase the chances for a succesful treatment, we need to be able to recognize the early symptoms. Similarly to when a heart attack happens, a stroke is a consequence of an obstructed artery that prevents the blood from going into the brain. This blockage may stem from a blood clot or a deposit of fat.

Risk Factors for Stroke

  • Men have higher chance of a stroke than women
  • The risk in smokers is bigger due to the fact that the chemicals from tobacco elevate the buildup of platelets in the arterial walls that can lead to the creation of blood clots which can block the arteries
  • High levels of bad cholesterol can cause problems with the arteries and ease the piling of fat
  • High blood pressure is among the major reasons for strokes
  • In diabetics, the high level of sugar in the blood can interfere with the health of the arterial walls
  • Individuals with a darker skin color are more prone to strokes

The Major Signs of Stroke

  • Numbness in one side of the body, that is, in the face, arm, and leg
  • Blurry vision
  • Confusion and impeded understanding
  • Loss of balance and coordination
  • A strong and sudden headache
  • Fainting

What to Do If Someone Is Having a Stroke?

First and foremost, if you detect any of these signs, you need to look for medical assistance as soon is possible. Then, you need to lie down to avoid further complications.

How to Minimize the Risk of Strokes

  • Lead a healthier diet comprised of whole foods like fruits and veggies
  • Be physically active at least three times per week
  • Take aspirin
  • Control your blood pressure
  • Drink a glass of red wine daily



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