Coconut Oil and Baking Soda for a Complete Facial Cleanse Like You Never Had Before

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Nowadays, both men and women have begun understanding the importance of regular facial cleaning because the face is something that people first notice about us. When one fails to take adequate care of the skin and when this is additionally worsened by climate change, excessive exposure to sun, and exposure to environmental toxins, the quality of the skin can significantly deteriorate and make us look older than our actual age. The skin will also become more prone to wrinkles, acne, and blackheads. So, what can we do to fix this? A good quality facial mask will do the trick!

The Importance of Skin Care

To solve skin-related issues, people usually turn to store-bought products. But, the issue with such products is the ingredients they contain or better said, the chemicals they are abundant in. Unfortunately, they can make the situation worse and cause more complications. A far safer solution is to turn to natural and homemade remedies that have the capacity to rejuvenate the skin quickly by nourishing and moisturizing it adequately.

This is why in today’s article we decided to share a recipe for one of the most beneficial skin care products. The preparation is very simple and you probably already have the necessary ingredients at home. Cool, right?

The Recipe for a Powerful Cleansing Facial Mask

You will need:

Virgin coconut oil and baking soda in 2:1 ratio and a bit of warm water; a moisturizer

Preparation and application:

Mix the ingredients well and then apply it onto the skin with circular movements. Leave it on for several minutes before you rinse it off with warm water. Apply a natural moisturizer like coconut oil.

The Benefits of This Facial Mask

This mixture is free of adverse chemicals and it will leave the soft and smooth without causing side effects. You can also use it to heal acne, redness, and scars and to eliminate dead skin, accumulated debris, and excess fat. Sodium bicarbonate is known to balance the skin’s pH and speed up the treatment of any imperfections while coconut oil possesses strong antibacterial and moisturizing characteristics. When combined together, these two ingredients will do wonders for your skin and this will soon become your favorite skin care product.



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