Doctors Have No Explanation: Mix Cinnamon And Honey And Cure Arthritis, Cancer, Gallbladder, Cholesterol And 10 Other Diseases

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As you may already know, honey is one of the healthiest things that you need to have at your home. The benefits that honey offers to your health are huge. You can use honey instead of sugar because the honey is healthier and does not contain calories.

Even ancient nations started using it as food but also as a cure. They started combining it with other spices, for example cinnamon.

Actually, cinnamon is a really tasty spice that offers many health benefits. Nowadays, science has reaffirmed what ancient Chinese already knew and that is that a mixture made of honey and cinnamon can improve your health and can help you cure many diseases.

These two combined together give your organism a fungal and bacterial prevention. The ingredients that do this miracle are: the essential oil of cinnamon and the enzyme that is located in honey. That enzyme is producing hydrogen peroxide.

This powerful mix helps you cure cold and flu. It also helps you lower the level of cholesterol and it is helping to beat arthritis. It is also boosting your immunological system and treats acnes.

Moreover, it can even help you if you are suffering from hair loss. It can ease your aches in the stomach and it can even cure stomach cancer.

  • The recipe to beat cold and to help you with your cough that may be chronic is the following: take one tablespoon of his majesty –the honey and ¼ of a teaspoon of cinnamon three days in a row. This will also help with the rhinal congestion.
  • In order to prevent flu, you should use honey which is very effective and it can eliminate viruses and it also stops the grippe.
  • How to reduce the cholesterol? Put two tablespoon of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon inside a cup of tea. You should drink this potion and that will lower the level of cholesterol for 10% in the next two hours.
  • How to ease arthritis pains and how to cure arthritis with honey and cinnamon?

Prepare yourself a mixture of two tablespoons of honey, one teaspoon of powder of cinnamon and warm water in a glass. Drink the mixture every morning and every evening.

  • If you have a weak immune system, you can also consume regularly the previous mixture in order to make a viral and bacterial prevention and this mix will be boosting your immunity
  • To ease your aches in the stomach, you should also take a mix of honey and cinnamon. This mixture can also help you if you have problems with the ulcer.
  • A paste made of cinnamon and a little bit of honey can help you treat Put the mixture on the affected place before you go to bed. You should remove the paste the next day when you wake up by washing it.
  • Two tablespoon of powder of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey put in a glass full of warm water taken on a daily basis will help you with infection of the The mixture will kill the microbes in this organ.
  • Recent scientific inquires have discovered that honey and cinnamon can be used to treat cancer in the stomach. All you need to do is to drink a mix of one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon every day for up to three months.
  • Cinnamon and honey combination also offers a prevention of heart diseases, even a heart attack. You can improve your health by eating bread with honey and cinnamon every morning
  • By using honey, cinnamon and olive oil, you can make yourself a hair mask that will help you with hair loss and even All you should do is to make a mixture of one tablespoon of each ingredient: honey, olive oil and cinnamon and put it on your head and you should wash it after 15 minutes.
  • Did you know that mixture of cinnamon and honey can help you lose weight? Well, it can. Just boil powder of cinnamon and honey with water. Put this mixture in a glass and drink a glass of it every day in the morning, 30 minutes before you eat. You can lose the extra kilos that you do not want.

     How can you prepare a mixture of honey and cinnamon?

Take honey in a saucepan and start heating it, put the cinnamon inside and you must wait for the mixture to become thick. It will be like caramel.

Take one small spoon every day, 30 minutes before you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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