7 Days, 7 Kg less (the Cucumber Diet)

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Cucumber is among the healthiest veggies because of the presence of pivotal nutrients like calcium, magnesium, fiber, iron, and vitamins B, C, and E. According to experts, besides being a delicious and refreshing treat, this vegetable is so potent that it can detoxify the whole digestive tract and remove surplus water from the body. It has also been found to be highly beneficial for the health of the skin.

How to Lose Weight with Cucumbers

The cucumber diet is a 10-day regimen that will help you lose up to 7 kg. Let’s check out the menu:


2 boiled eggs

A plate of cucumber salad


5 plums, a peach, or an apple


A slice of whole-wheat bread and a plate of cucumber salad


Cucumber shake


300 grams of any fruit

Additional Recipes

Cucumber salad

You need:

400 grams of cucumbers, chopped

200 ml of yogurt or sour milk

One onion, chopped

A pinch of salt

Preparation: Mix the cucumbers and onion and then add the dairy and mix well. Sprinkle salt on top and serve.

Cucumber shake

You need:

A cucumber, chopped

An apple, chopped

A handful of spinach

¼ tsp of ginger powder

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender until you get a homogeneous mixture and then transfer it into a tall glass. Enjoy…

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