6 Ways to Lose Fat around the Stomach in 10 Days

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The truth is, we would all like to look amazing when we put on a swimsuit and head to the beach or the pool. However, this is not easily achieved because a lot of people battle surplus weight and are not physically active enough. This being said, one needs to lead a healthier diet and start exercising on a daily basis.

It is also important to note that you need to prepare your ‘summer body’ long before summer arrives, that is, during winter and spring. With this in mind, we prepared 6 useful tips that will help you burn surplus fat in no time.

How to Shed Surplus Fat

Lower the intake of salt

Excessive amounts of salt can lead to bloating and increase the water weight. Although our body needs salt for its optimal health, you should not consume more than ½ tsp on a daily basis. Otherwise, the body will start to retain too much water.

Reduce the intake of carbs

A diet that is based on a lot of bread and pasta can lead to weight gain and increase in body fat. Instead, you should turn to foods rich in protein.

Avoid drinking too much milk

If you drink more than half a liter of milk per day, you might be impeding your weight loss. Opt for yogurt and a few slices of low-fat cheese instead.

Do not add too many spices

Adding too much spiciness to meals can increase the acid secretion in the stomach and cause irritation and prevent the weight loss. You should include fresher and milder spices.

Consume less alcohol and coffee, as well as sugar and processed food

These ingredients have no nutritive value and they just contribute to surplus fat.

Eat the right fruits

Even though all fruits are healthy, if you want to encourage weight loss, avoid eating pears and apples because of their richness in fructose that may impede the digestion. You can eat more berries and citrus fruits.



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